A new Clip

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A little taster…

(from footage I shot this summer)

> and the music is by the wonderful Nicolas Bernier



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We are in the future.
An unknown chain reaction of events has led to the outbreak of WW3.
Seven hours ago a nuclear bomb hit Toronto.

In 1980 Bruce Beach buried 42 school busses underneath a three-meter thick layer of concrete and soil – this is Ark Two, the largest self-made nuclear shelter in the world.  Bruce Beach is a government trained “Radiological Scientific Officer” and according to him the end of the world as we know it is imminent – an economic crisis leading to a break down of the system and nuclear war and therefore a complete collapse of society.

In “The Ark Experience” we will live through the events of a hypothetical nuclear war inside the Ark Two shelter. Bruce Beach’s story will serve as a background and his shelter as the setting for this film in which we will gather an eclectic mix of people from Toronto’s diverse communities, both actors and non-actors, to go down into the shelter and PRE-enact this potential future scenario. These people will come from various ethnic and social backgrounds: Teachers, farmers, doctors, mechanics, psychologists, nurses but also scientists from the fields of resilience theory, economics, ecology and political science. Private “home-movies” will reveal the protagonists’ lives like memories of a lost world – including Bruce Beach and the story of his shelter. We will dive into his universe, explore his theories and plans and finally return into the shelter, where people will finally start to “step out” of character and return to the present to explore what we can do today to avoid ending up in that sinister future.

It is 2011, no bombs have fallen yet.

Power to the Pixel

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Some good news 🙂

The crossplattform version of the project has been selected for the market at “Power to the Pixel” in London – starting tomorrow, a shame I cannot be there myself… good old London…



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On my way to Buenos Aires, tomorrow or Friday I will pitch at DOCMEETING Argentina.


Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Very exited … also about the LOMO ahead, yummie 😉

More soon…

Going Home

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So here I am sitting at the airport in Toronto waiting to go home, time is a strange thing, on the one hand it seems that I just arrived, on the other hand I think I have been away for centuries… when I left our boy was a baby, now he is walking (I missed it!!!).

Well, it was all good, I have shot a lot of material and we will cut a new nice trailer – mission accomplished… But god am I tired!!!

Bruce and Jean were the nicest people – as always!!!

But now, a nice cold beer – cheers 🙂


About the film – an UPDATE

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Ok, I saw that this needs an update…

So what is this all about?

It is a documentary film about Bruce Beach and the Ark Two shelter. However, it is more than that. We will use this small story to be able to deal with big issues. There are lots of challenges ahead which humanity is facing in the near future. Bruce and the shelter will provide the background for the film in which an eclectic mix of people, both actors and non-actors – amongst them scientist in the fields of resilience, futurology, economics and political science – will pre-enact this possible future. And once down in the shelter they will explore the challenges which humanity is facing and how we can deal with them.


>>>see “What are we looking for?”


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In the “Bee Room” of the shelter…