Doc Meeting Buenos Aires

Posted in The Ark Experiment on August 24, 2011 by thearkexperiment

Good news!

We have been selected for the Pitching Forum at Doc Meeting Buenos Aires next month, from more than 200 submissions! Fingers crossed XX



Dimitry Orlov

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Another book I am reading right now is Dimitry Orlov’s “Reinventing Collapse” a very interesting look at possible similarities and even more possible differences between the US and the SU and how it possibly will affect a economic breakdown in the “western” world. I will write more about it, but for now just a little excerpt from an interview with Orlov I found:

Buzz Holling

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I am just about to start reading his book “Panarchy – Understanding Transformations in Human and Natural Systems” so I wanted to share this clip. INCREDIBLY INTERESTING! And I want him in the shelter with us!


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I am not sure, have I actually ever posted this image?

So you can imagine the size of the shelter…

Oh and we are still looking for people come up the weekend of the 27th/28th (see previous post) – get in touch!!!

Water Witching

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Today Bruce introduced me to “Water Witching”.

He told me that this was how they found the well which is inside the Ark 2 shelter.

I tried it – it works! 🙂

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We are BACK :-)

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OK, wow, more than a year has passed since anything was written here, so it might look as if it was all dead and forgotten, however, I can tell you it is the opposite. There is a reason. While making a film about the “end of the world” it happened that we created a new one, and he even made his first step yesterday.

So that is quite a reason I think 🙂

However also there was lot of progress made on the film, we have worked hard and without much sleep and the big news for now is that we found a production company who took the project under its wings. It is Golden Girls Filmproductions from Vienna who we have started to collaborate and to move forward with.  See

We are very excited and happy!

And the other big news is that tomorrow, after more than 1 1/2 years I will return to Toronto to see Bruce, he will even pick me up from the airport, so everything is moving in the moment and excitement is in the air.

Now I need to pack, but more will come soon.

Hasta pronto!


Bacteria can foresee and prepare for the future…

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I know it is a bit off-topic, but I found it very interesting…

“…this showed us that there is a cost to advanced preparation, but that the benefits to the organism outweigh the costs in the right circumstances,’ says Pilpel. What are those circumstances? Based on the experimental evidence, the research team created a sort of cost/benefit model to predict the types of situations in which an organism could increase its chances of survival by evolving to anticipate future events.”