We are in the future.
An unknown chain reaction of events has led to the outbreak of WW3.
Seven hours ago a nuclear bomb hit Toronto.

In 1980 Bruce Beach buried 42 school busses underneath a three-meter thick layer of concrete and soil – this is Ark Two, the largest self-made nuclear shelter in the world.  Bruce Beach is a government trained “Radiological Scientific Officer” and according to him the end of the world as we know it is imminent – an economic crisis leading to a break down of the system and nuclear war and therefore a complete collapse of society.

In “The Ark Experience” we will live through the events of a hypothetical nuclear war inside the Ark Two shelter. Bruce Beach’s story will serve as a background and his shelter as the setting for this film in which we will gather an eclectic mix of people from Toronto’s diverse communities, both actors and non-actors, to go down into the shelter and PRE-enact this potential future scenario. These people will come from various ethnic and social backgrounds: Teachers, farmers, doctors, mechanics, psychologists, nurses but also scientists from the fields of resilience theory, economics, ecology and political science. Private “home-movies” will reveal the protagonists’ lives like memories of a lost world – including Bruce Beach and the story of his shelter. We will dive into his universe, explore his theories and plans and finally return into the shelter, where people will finally start to “step out” of character and return to the present to explore what we can do today to avoid ending up in that sinister future.

It is 2011, no bombs have fallen yet.


4 Responses to “Synopsis”

  1. Hi Sepp, great synopsis, very catchy. i definitely want to see this 🙂 the participants will pretend there is a real nuclear war and cant leave the shelter. but apart from that: are they completely free in their actions down there?

  2. thearkexperiment Says:

    Hi Kristian,

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    Imagine it as a mix between a one week theatre performance improvisation and a test-run, there is no real script, of course I can anticipate what will happen when and where but things will unfold as they will. Basically we only shoot “first takes”…

    And the door is not locked…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hello Sepp, I hope all is well with you and your family. Great Synopsis and I certainly can’t wait to participate and dust off my acting skills!! Improvising is my specialty…
    This is definately going to be the experience of a lifetime.



  4. I have recently been through this shelter myself and if you ever get the chance to film a “Real response” type of film count me in. I am a lower level survival nut and I live about an hour away from Ark II.

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