We are BACK :-)

OK, wow, more than a year has passed since anything was written here, so it might look as if it was all dead and forgotten, however, I can tell you it is the opposite. There is a reason. While making a film about the “end of the world” it happened that we created a new one, and he even made his first step yesterday.

So that is quite a reason I think 🙂

However also there was lot of progress made on the film, we have worked hard and without much sleep and the big news for now is that we found a production company who took the project under its wings. It is Golden Girls Filmproductions from Vienna who we have started to collaborate and to move forward with.  See http://www.goldengirls.at/

We are very excited and happy!

And the other big news is that tomorrow, after more than 1 1/2 years I will return to Toronto to see Bruce, he will even pick me up from the airport, so everything is moving in the moment and excitement is in the air.

Now I need to pack, but more will come soon.

Hasta pronto!



5 Responses to “We are BACK :-)”

  1. So excited to see this post! Many congrats, you have a son, wow! Also congrats on getting the backing you needed!

    I’m still eagerly awaiting my chance to be part of the experiment!

  2. thearkexperiment Says:

    Hi Owen, you WILL be part of it – if all works out it will happen next year, I am in Toronto the next weeks, let’s meet up!!!

  3. Anabel Rodríguez Says:

    Go go go Ark! From the Andes mountains I send you looots of kisses and love! Say hello to Bruce and… the heart of a movie is wild and irreductible! Let’s do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anabel Rodríguez Says:

    by the way… if this miracle in the picture was made… the movie is to happen… go go go!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    What a beautiful boy! Congrats Sepp. I wish I could come up to Canada for the 27th but will be away…Do say hi if and when you come to NY. Cheers!

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