The Black Swan on a Foggy Road

I remember a man asking me “What is your point of view on all that? Because WE (he took the right to speak for a whole group) are not thinking that the world is going to end.” This made me think and I guess I have to write a bit about my motivations to make this film.

I am not a “doomsdayer” – whatever that really is – well, I guess there are probably thousands of people out there who have all their own reasons to think why this world would come to an end. However, what I am trying to do is to get a glimpse of what lies ahead of us, which, to be honest, is incredibly difficult, like driving through some dense fog. Really, what do I know about the future? Next to nothing! But as you do when you drive on a foggy road, you lean forward and TRY to see…

Charles Popper said that all swans are white – until the moment when you see a black swan. This moment has not come yet and hopefully never will.  However if you imagine that black swan to be so destructive that it would end most life on this planet, and to unfold its power it only needs to come once, wouldn’t it be worth thinking of the possibility that there IS a black swan somewhere out there? I think it is.

Bruce thinks that this black swan is unavoidable, a simple fact that sooner or later  will happen. We talked about that and I disagree, however I see such a discussion as rather pointless, because we are talking about something beyond the fog. But because I do think that it IS avoidable, it is so important to imagine that black swan and to try to see the road that might lead us crashing into him, so that we can take a turn left or right in time. So what interests me are questions like “where are we?”. “what are the obstacles and challenges ahead?” (not so far ahead, some have arrived already) and “where do we have to turn?”. All this is not describing the film, but the underlying topics and my motivation to make it, more soon…


3 Responses to “The Black Swan on a Foggy Road”

  1. The question is not so much whether there will be a doomsday scenario or not but rather, what is the thinking behind the orchestration of the underground experience. It is clear that humanity needs to develop a new way of existing but do the theories underpinning the event really lead us forward? It would be good to look at Bruce’s philosophy to get a sense of whether it is truly revolutionary or just reactionary.

  2. thearkexperiment Says:

    This is true, however it surely is not an easy task to describe Bruce’s philosophy in a few lines – in fact impossible, for me at least, but we will work on it and find out more in the process and in the end in the film itself.

  3. I think the black and the white swans and the fog is all in us and outside us… the feeling of an end, of a danger seems to have its own white swans… given that there´s allways the possibility of a rebirth, of a re-creation… than we are back to the idea of the energy that cannot possibly be destroyed but changed…

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