After a crashed hard-drive and other obstacles overcome, here it finally is: The new trailer…

Be aware that this is made just out of research footage, basically me with my little camera, the film will have a different look, but still it will give an impression of how it will be like.

Let me know what you think… very interested to hear…


12 Responses to “THE TRAILER”

  1. Hi Sepp and Anabel

    Best of luck. Hope things went well in Venezuela. Looking forward to your trailer

  2. Looks like there are still some caching issues. I can’t view it yet

  3. Gladys Rios Says:

    I think this film will give very good impression in Barcelona and other side where it will be project, sincerely the argument is innovating, go ahead wich this work and good look.

  4. sep, great! finally i got to see the man. i love the idea of learning how to reconstruct the world.

    just a short comment. titles at the end seemed to fast for me.
    Good luck!

  5. yeah ! cool trailer, excited about the film. lots of love and bussi to Anabel and you … j

  6. Hey Sepp…
    The trailer looks great. It makes me really happy that after all these years, many people will finally get a chance to “meet” Bruce and know about the Ark. Thanks for all that you be and do.

  7. Safiya Randera Says:

    Hi Sepp,

    Congrats on the trailer!!
    I’m really looking forward to seeing the film.
    Good luck at the forum.

  8. Headbones Gallery Says:

    Hi Sepp and Anabel,
    Great to see the trailer. What are some of your next steps in the upcoming months? I find your process of building this documentary interesting as well.
    Best wishes for your success,

  9. That gave me chills!

  10. This is the comment Rosana Pasquier did about the trailer: “Vi el tráiler, el perro es identico a la mía. Impresiona. Además cuando entran al refugio, la armazón del techo me trae a Jonás en el estómago de la ballena. También es el Arca de Noé con su fin y su comienzo. El fin, el fin del mundo. O mejor el mundo despedazado por el hombre. La agonía de ese posible final tatuado en el espíritu, en el inconciente o como lo llamen. La cámara moviendose es un ser que respira despacio y mira las escudillas, las rumas de latas. Es como encontrar el rincón, la cueva de unas bestias adoloridas. Bueno me gusta. Me gusta. Muack”

    Eng.: I watched the trailer. The dog is quite the same as mine. Impressive. When people come into the refuge the roof structure reminds me the image of Jonah in the whale belly (this is a biblical story) It´s Noes ark, within its begin and its end. The agony of a possible end, and end tatooed in the spirit, in the subconscious or however it´s called. The camera moving a being moving slowly, looking into the corners, the cluttered cans. It is like to having found the corner in which the beasts in pain live… I like it! muak )kiss”

  11. I remember reading about this shelter a long time ago. I thought it was interesting then, and your documentary concept has renewed my intrerest in the subject.

    When might the doc be available? Please keep me in the loop for any screening dates.

    Michael from Toronto

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Fascinating. I hope to see the full documentary.

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