Last Saturday & the Birth of a Film

Last Saturday IDLE TIGERS showed us an amazing performance of which you can see some photos below (a little video-clip is in preparation). Boom Boom Boom we were running like crazy to prepare that, nervous but excited. And it all went well – the universe is on our side.




Now we are preparing our NEXT EVENT THIS SATURDAY 25th:

RONLEY TEPER and her Lipliners will play live at the LAB, it will be amazing, and we are still trying to find a new ZEN master to join our dinner to talk about “the end” – the one we  invited can not come :-/

Here the fantastic video of “Faith” by Ronley Teper:

And tomorrow morning we are heading to Hornings Mills, to meet Bruce again, so here the flashback of how it all started:

About a year ago I had that missile-between-my-eyes-dream and I had to follow up into the subject, it was sucking me in. War. World-war. Nuclear war. Kind of anachronistic I thought, but then, well – not at all. So I dug deeper and deeper, trying to find the spark that would set the fire of dreams ablaze. And one day a good friend of mine gave me that spark. A small newspaper article about Bruce – Bruce Beach. There was a photo of an elderly man with a long white beard standing in front of a green metal entrance to what should turn out to be Ark Two – the biggest self-made nuclear shelter in the world. Bruce lives in a village called Hornings Mills in northern Ontario and in 1982 he buried 42 yellow schoolbusses underneath a 3 meter thick layer of concrete and soil – Ark Two – the shelter. The spark was there. I found his webpage and wrote him an email, explaying who I was, and what I wanted to do – make a film about him and Ark Two, but not just a “usual” documentary – but something special, a documentary about the future, go down into the shelter with 100 people and pre-enact the end of the world, talk, discuss, make it an experiment – THE ARK EXPERIMENT.

I pressed the “SEND” button and as I wanted to shut down my computer 3 minutes later I heard the “ping” – he had answered. Wow, that was fast. He said he would be up for it, but unfortunately it will be impossible as there was not enough time – the end was imminent. Hhhhmmm. I replied that we could both continue working, him on preparing for the end, me on my film, and if we are lucky we both finish in time. It was a deal. I shut down my computer and my bonfire of dreams was burning into the sky. A film was born.


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