What a week…

What a week!


Very Intense!

We settled into the gallery, it feels like starting from scratch, tabula rasa, a new adventure. Fantastic. No time for wandering around (unfortunately), we had the opening last Saturday and hell, we had lots to do, it is especially difficult when you come to a new city, where you – in fact- know nobody. So how do you get people to come to your event? Newspapers! Myspace! Facebook! Print flyers! Posters! Run around and hand them out in your neighborhood! Try to convince a 100 newspapers to publish something about you. Something. Anything. A note on page 43. Please. We were nervous. What if nobody shows up. Food needs to be cooked, drinks bought, ice, yes important – and oh, in fact I am also producing a film here. Madonna. What a rollercoaster ride.





We bought ourselves some bikes. The best way in Toronto. And I was so fast. It was Saturday and the opening was 5 hours away, goulash was still to be cooked and so I was on my bike to get the meat. Very late as always (goulash takes 3-4 hours to cook). God was I fast, racing through the streets of Toronto on my mission to get goulash meat. Left – right- overtake the car – back to the right – overtak… it took only the tiniest part of a second when the bike underneath me was gone, slipping away caught in the streetcar’s tracks, me flipping over and crashing into a parked car, the bike with me – the car scratched and deformed, my bike too, me on the ground, more or less ok, apart from blue marks and scratches and a lot of confusion) it was my head that removed the mirror from the car’s door). You always imagine your death could be some glorious event, saving 100 orphans in a war in Chechnya as the main character in “Away We Go” had said, but you would not imagine to die because of goulash meat. How pathetic. Anyway, I survived, my end has not come yet. Good. So I can continue working on the end. But it showed me that it is important to relax, a late goulash is not the end of the world, THAT is just to come.

My new bike

And the evening was wonderful. People turned up, and Ross (IDLE TIGERS – http://www.myspace.com/idletigers) gave an amazing performance – THANK YOU SOO MUCH ROSS!!!! But that will be the next blog, with images and a little video. And another one with a flashback to Hornings Mills and the world of Bruce and Ark Two. Tomorrow. I have to channel my energies, small steps towards the goal, the world was not made in one day, it will also not end in one day, so be patient and come back tomorrow.

Oh, and next Saturday 25th July we will have the wonderful Ronley Teper playing with her band in THE LAB:




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