It all started with a dream…

Antinuclear shelter made out of schoolbuses

Nuclear shelter made out of schoolbuses

It was a beautiful, peaceful summer day. I was standing in a field and the tall meadow oat all around me was shining agressively green, I could feel life pumping through its veins, the bees were humming what is referred to as the song of life.

I looked up into the sky but the sun was blinding my eyes. There was a tiny blinking light – a star? During bright daylight? I covered the sunlight from my eyes with one hand, but I could not recognize what it was. It was moving, its movements sending out a kind of code I could not decipher. I tried to look harder, it was important, that much I knew.

The moment of realisation only lasted the tiniest part of a second. When I realized that it was a cruise missile heading down on me, there was no time, not one single thought –  it already hit me straight between my eyes with lightening speed and its all consuming impact.

Then it was all black, I was no more.

This dream was the trigger for my documentary film “The Ark Experiment”, which we will shoot in 2010. In a village in northern Ontario I found the biggest self-made nuclear shelter of the world, made out of 42 schoolbusses, buried underneath a  3 meter thick layer of concrete and soil, built by Bruce Beach in Ontario, Canada.

And the journey begins with the gathering of people who likes to wander about the idea of the end, a nuclear war and what is to be next. A gathering of images, interviews, ideas to be exposed in a work-in-progress exhibition to be held at the HEADBONES GALLERY, Toronto. An exhibition, a film preproduction set called THE LAB
Together with 100 volunteers we will go down into the biggest self-made nuclear shelter of the world  and pre-enact the end of the world.

This blog is my approach to this end.

THE LAB – THE ARK EXPERIMENT preproduction will be openned to the public from the 10th of July to the 30th of August 2009, HEADBONES GALLERY, Toronto.


4 Responses to “It all started with a dream…”

  1. i love the experiment and the way you share your work/journey!!
    very inspiring,

    all the best

  2. Owen Lewis Says:

    This sounds amazing. I’d love to be a part of the experiment. Where do I sign up?

    • thearkexperiment Says:

      Hi Owen,

      Thanks a lot! Please come and check out our page at – we are running this work in progress arts event dealing with the topic and also preparing the film there, so for the next 2 months we are based in Headbones Gallery in Toronto, we are having concerts and events every Saturday, so if you are based in Toronto, please come by and visit us – next Saturday we have Ronley Temper playing live (

      If you are not based in Toronto, never mind, we will start communicating via email then, the experiment is scheduled to be next year in summer, here in Canada, northern Ontario. So if you are interested, drop us a line at and we will explain more…

      Hope to hear form you!

      All the best,


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